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April 27, 2020

What Texting And Driving Could Mean For Your Auto Insurance

carDo you text and drive? It could lead to you having to pay more for car insurance in more ways than one.


What A Texting And Driving Accident Means For Your Auto Insurance 

If you were texting and driving when you got into an accident, you’re almost always going to have some fault. That’s not just because you were doing something that was potentially against the law. It’s also because your being distracted may have led to the crash. For example, a driver might move into your lane without checking their blind spot. If you weren’t distracted, you might have easily avoided them, but if you were texting, you might never even be aware of them until they’ve already crashed into you.


As with other accidents and claims, a texting and driving accident will usually increase your insurance premiums. Since you’ll likely have some fault, you’ll probably see a higher increase. Additionally, accident forgiveness programs may not apply. You may also lose any safe driver discounts that you had.


What A Texting And Driving Ticket Means For Your Car Insurance 

More states are putting texting and driving laws on the books. While police have always had the discretion to charge you with careless or distracted driving and assign fault in an accident, they can now pull you over for texting and driving without needing any other cause for the traffic stop. Because texting and driving is so dangerous, many states have made it its own moving violation with accompanying fines and points.


As with speeding tickets and other moving violations, a ticket for texting and driving could lead to an auto insurance premium increase. How much your insurance rates go up will depend on how heavily your insurance company weighs each ticket. In addition to direct premium increases, you may lose safe driver discounts. The good news is that some states may allow you to attend a safe driver course. This can help you avoid having the ticket go on your record, and thereby increasing your car insurance rates.


Don’t Ignore Other Drivers Texting and Driving 

Be on the lookout for other drivers who are texting and driving. Stay away from them, if possible, as part of your usual defensive driving habits. Remember that it’s possible for even a no-fault accident to increase your auto insurance rates. Many insurance companies consider all accidents as indicators of a heightened risk of future claim payouts. 


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