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Insuring Your Raleigh Technology Company with Compassion at Competitive Rates

Working in technology has its own perks and its own risks. On one hand, you can keep up with the latest technological updates and work primarily from your computer. On the other hand, storing information online adds another element of danger to a workplace. That’s why Carolina Insurance Group wants to help insure your business with policies tailored for the technological risks your work can face.

What Insurance Should You Get for Your Technology Company?

Whether you’re in IT support or security, a website developer, computer servicing, or anything else that bases your work with technology, it’s crucial to have the right insurance. There are some basic policies that you should—and must—have for your business such as and . There are coverages, however, that will specifically benefit industries where technology is a huge aspect of work. Coverage options include:

  • Business owner’s policy: A business owner’s policy combines coverage for both liability and property. This is extremely important for any business to invest in, as it covers areas other liability or property insurances don’t.
  • Property of others: If you’re working on client computers, you want to make sure you’re insured in case of damage to that property while it’s in your care.
  • Property in transit: Along the same vein, if you’re shipping or transporting computers and other pieces of technology, you want them to be insured. Auto insurance typically doesn’t cover items inside a car. Certain types of floater insurance can help cover transferred information, as well.
  • Computer coverage: Computers are the main key to your technology-dependent business. Make sure that if an incident occurs, you’re insured with enough coverage to replace or receive cash value for the original computer.
  • Worker’s compensation: Essentially all businesses need worker’s compensation in case employees get injured on the job.
  • Errors and Omissions: In any business that’s client-facing, it’s wise to invest in errors and omissions coverage to have protection in case of a mistake made giving advice, consults, or set ups for other companies.

When Should You Get Business Insurance?

As soon as you start up your business, you should have business insurance. Dedicated agents at Carolina Insurance Group will answer your call at (919) 234-7868 and find you the best price from our list of carriers to cover the important assets of your business.

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