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Homeowners Association Insurance

Insurance for North Carolina Homeowners Associations and More

If you own a Homeowners, Townhome, or Condo Association or are a property manager, it’s crucial to have insurance. Thankfully, there’s insurance geared to fit your property’s specific needs. Carolina Insurance Group will make sure you find exceptional coverage to protect yourself, your tenants and your property.

What Insurance Do Homeowners Associations Need?

By law, HOAs and other associations must have insurance. This insurance, occasionally known as HOA insurance, is a liability policy tailored specifically to the needs of a Homeowners Association.

You can purchase what is called a HOA master policy which provides a wide range of coverage including property damage and personal injuries. Coverage options often include:

  • General liability: General liability refers to coverage that concerns claims filed against your association for personal injury or property damage.
  • Property damage: Incidents involving wind, fire, theft, and vandalism may be covered under property damage.
  • Employee dishonesty: Employee dishonesty coverage may protect you from financial backlash due to an employee stealing from your association.
  • Directors and officers: This coverage comes into play to protect directors, officers, and the association if a claim is filed against a current director or officer.
  • Inland marine/signs: Inland marine insurance can apply to your property’s electric signs, including neon and fluorescent signs.
  • Clubhouse: This coverage applies if you rent a clubhouse out to guests.
  • Pools or Lakes: Specific coverage is available if your property maintains pools or lakes.
  • Playground equipment: You can insure your playground equipment for costs relating to accidents surrounding injuries.

You may also consider investing in a that combines property and liability insurance coverages for business owners.

Get quote on Homeowners Association Insurance in NC

Don’t wait to insure your property. Carolina Insurance Group is ready and eager to help you find the best coverage at the best price from our extensive list of carriers. Call us at (919) 234-7868 or drop by our office and talk to a seasoned agent today about ensuring your association’s property.

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